Alpha Omega "Saving the planet before it can be sent to hell, and bringing it back once it gets there"

Kladivo Personal Journal: Entry #3

[ Translated from the original Czech ]

After retrieving “Bloodhound” from the cleaning facility, Dr. Leonid and I transported him to the safe house in Taylor. Debriefing revealed that Rodriguez has two estates – the large one that is his usual residence, and a small one that few people know about, at 626 W. Kirby St. Further investigation revealed that “Huntress” maintains a sailboat, and it is currently moored across the border at slip 101 of the Boblo Island marina in Windsor, Canada. After debriefing, we turned “Bloodhound” and the driver Vinny Moore over to Control agents and set off for the sailboat.

Dr. Leonid went across the border to the marina by car. I met up with “Achmed” and “Nikita”, and we crossed to the marina by boat. Using equipment obtained from Q branch, we jammed their cellphone signals. “Achmed” and I approached the boat in question, pretending interest in the boat’s manufacture. After bluffing the mate to turn his back, we attempted to silence him. I say we, but in fact it was my failure that nearly cost us the operation. It has been some time since I have worked with knives, and somehow I lost my grip and dropped my knife as I moved behind the mate. He was able to alert “Huntress”. Since Achmed and Dr. Leonid performed their tasks of silencing communication admirably, I believe she was unable to send out any sort of alert.

“Huntress” proved to be not only a formidable opponent, but a canny one, as a sniper she had placed on another craft did grievous injury to both Achmed and Dr. Leonid. If we had not had “Nikita” with us, I have no doubt we all would have died. As it was, only Dr. Leonid failed to survive the encounter. He died in combat and in full performance of his responsibilities as an agent. I recommend him for posthumous commendation.

We were finally able to subdue “Huntress” and kill her associates. Now we wait for the rest of Team Alpha Omega to join us. I am afraid we will receive a visit from the RCMP or the Windsor Police at any moment – surely the gunfire and explosion from the destruction of the boat’s satellite dish will not pass without a number of calls to the local authorities.



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