Alpha Omega "Saving the planet before it can be sent to hell, and bringing it back once it gets there"

Kladivo Personal Journal: Entry #4

[Translated from the original Czech]

Orlov is here. Somehow, he has allied himself with our target, Rodriguez. 

Using information gained from questioning target HUNTRESS, we took up position near Rodriguez’ Northside estate. Our plan was to wait until dark, then NIKITA and I would go over the estate’s electric fence and eliminate the guard patrols. SILVER would be on standby to render aid as needed. Simultaneously, ACHMED and BITCH would destroy the front entry to the estate with the explosives drone, and breach the front gate using a truck.

Things went mostly to plan, but we encountered far more competent guards than expected. We were able to gain entry into the house and make an attempt on Rodriguez, but did not take him down. He was ready and waiting, no doubt briefed on operational protocols from his torture of BLOODHOUND.

I was pursuing Rodriguez through the house but was stopped by Orlov, who guarded Rodriguez’ escape. It was he who triggered the building’s explosive charges, and nearly killed SILVER, NIKITA and I.

I sit here as we speed away from the estate. Both NIKITA
 and SILVER are seriously injured – the former by Rodriguez, the latter by Orlov. He shot her purely to get under my skin. He toys with me, the wretch.

We will dig them out of their underground bunker, or trail them when they flee. And we will catch them. And I will make Orlov suffer before I kill him.



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